Bombshell Raider

09 Dec 2003 cyberscanfilms In Feature Film

 ボムシェルレイダ (Bombshell Raider) 



For adventure fantasy parody to be delivered to the Japanese television and home video market, Cyber-Scan Films took production to remote locales in order to follow exploits of a female adventurer who travels to the mountains of Tibet, the jungles of Africa, and the Saudi desert in order to reunite three legendary fertility idols.

As Cara’s perilous journeys draw her across rugged landscapes and into erotically charged affairs she discovers her quest is tied to her father’s mysterious disappearance.

ボムシェルレイダ (Bombshell Raider) was directed by Randolph Scott and stars Lauren Hays (HBO’s Thrills) and Antionette Abbott (Playboy: Springbreak).

In addition to Japan, the feature film was also released in countries worldwide such as France, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Israel, Canada, and the United States—where it was released in an MPAA rated R version perversely entitled Womb Raider.

“Wildly ambitious and salaciously wry… Babealicious!” – DVD

“A small miracle… excellent soundtrack.” – Razol

“High production values, exciting visuals… impressive soundtrack.” – Draculina Magazine

Official Sincine 2005 NYC Erotic Film Festival Nominee

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from composer Randolph Scott now available on I-tunes. Purchase here. 

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