After The Fall

15 May 2014 cyberscanfilms In Entertainment Franchise

After The Fall


ATF 01

Cyber-Scan Films has begun work on a new sci-fi action adventure entertainment franchise inspired on the upcoming series of novels written by Director Randolph Scott entitled After the Fall.

ATF 02

The After the Fall creative property, featuring a vast storyline and characters, is intended for a multi-platform release across live action motion pictures, television series, novels, graphic novels, anime, and video games.

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In the After the Fall film trilogy, technological advancements in the near future allow Samantha, a girl with an incurable illness, to be placed into cryo-stasis until a cure for her condition can be found. However during her cryogenic sleep, an unforeseen enemy invasion and subsequent occupation turn the United States into a post apocalyptic battlefield.

ATF 04

Discovered underground during a wayward guerilla reconnaissance mission by Unit 17 – a misfit group of civilians turned freedom fighters, Samantha is reawakened.

ATF 05

The world she steps back into however is unlike any she could have ever imagined. In the now war torn ruins around her, toxic toxic lightning storms drop acid rain and massive wind storms batter dusty skeletal sky scrappers into deadly falling debris.

ATF 06

Hunted by enemy forces, amid particle blasts, bio-engineered creatures, and newly formed environments and cybernetic life forms, Samantha works with the resistance to discover the meaning of hope and bring light to a world on the brink of darkness.

ATF 07

During development for the franchise, Cyber-Scan Films filmed tests on location in remote marine ballistics testing grounds. The expansive and hostile terrain, while challenging to work amid, assisted the cast and crew in re-creating the post apocalyptic ruins of After the Fall’s world.

ATF 08

In addition to work on the After the Fall film trilogy, Cyber-Scan has initiated development on an After the Fallprequel” television mini-series.

ATF 09

Based on the After the Fall novels being written by Director Randolph Scott, the television mini-series will allow audiences to see how “the Fall” took place and visits all the main franchise characters taking an intimate, day-to-day dramatic look at their lives, their families, and the trials and tribulations they faced as future technology and the war evolved simultaneously, forever changing the world around us.

ATF 10

To date, the franchise has enlisted an international team of conceptual artists and craftsmen to develop the multi-platform intellecutal property.

For additional information and updates the After the Fall project can be visited on Facebook and Tumblr.

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