After The Fall

04 Jul 2019 cyberscanfilms In Entertainment Franchise

After The Fall


Cyber-Scan Films is in development of an entertainment franchise based upon Randolph Scott’s forthcoming techno-thriller novel series After the Fall. Featuring expansive storyline driven by ensemble cast of characters the story is intended for multi-platform release.

In the forthcoming series of novels, an entire nation lives blissfully unaware below shared veneer of technological reliance a plan is underway—to bring it all to an end. To survive annihilation a diverse collection of people must uncover the truth about their enemy—and themselves, and unite against a rising apocalyptic new world order.

Second phase plans will see Cyber-Scan Films adapt the story to live action. The company looks to create a science fiction drama television series featuring large ensemble cast, complex characters, and high production value through location, costumes, and visual effects.

Third market penetration, to be based upon consumer demand, would see the TV series transition to high profile, motion picture trilogy. The feature films would both expand the TV storyline while continuing to adapt the forthcoming novels to their climactic conclusion. Plot device will allow those previously uninitiated to the novels or TV series to seamlessly join the motion picture storyline mid-progress.

During development proof of concept tests were shot on location at remote, marine ballistics testing grounds. The expansive and hostile terrain, while challenging to work amid, assisted Cyber-Scan Films cast and crew in recreating the apocalyptic landscapes required by After the Fall.

To date, the franchise has engaged domestic talent and international artists to aid in development of the intellectual property.

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