After The Fall

15 May 2014 cyberscanfilms In Entertainment Franchise

After The Fall


Cyber-Scan Films is currently in active development on a science fiction entertainment franchise based upon Randolph Scott’s upcoming series of techno-thriller novels entitled  “After the Fall”.

The “After the Fall” creative property, featuring a vast storyline and ensemble cast of characters, is intended for a multi-platform release across novels, episodic television, motion pictures, graphic novels, anime, and video games, and looks to capitalize on the vast ancillary merchandising opportunities inherit to the scope of the project.

In the upcoming “After the Fall” series of novels, unhampered technological advancements in genome sequencing, robotics, nano-technology, and artificial cognitive technologies have created a national perpetuating integration. When critical infrastructures relying on these technologies are infiltrated by an unknown enemy, a disaster level event sees an ensemble cast of characters united in a battle for survival that will forever change the world we live in.

Adapting the “After the Fall” series of novels to live action life, Cyber-Scan Films is in active development of an episodic science fiction drama television series that will feature a large ensemble cast, complex characters, and high production value through location, costumes, and visual effects.

A third market penetration, to be based upon forthcoming consumer demand, is intended to see the episodic television series transition to high-profile, motion picture trilogy. The motion pictures would both continue and parallel the storyline of the “After the Fall” series of novels to their penultimate, climactic conclusion. The storyline in the “After the Fall” novels has been pre-orchestrated to allow new viewers and new fans, as of yet unaccustomed to the novels or television series, to join the storyline already in progress through a twist in the story’s vast scope.

During development for the franchise, Cyber-Scan Films shot proof of concept tests on location at remote, marine ballistics testing grounds. The expansive and hostile terrain, while challenging to work amid, assisted cast and crew in re-creating post apocalyptic ruins for “After the Fall”.

To date, the franchise has engaged an international team of filmmakers and artists to develop the multi-platform, intellectual property (IP).

For additional information and updates, the “After the Fall” project can be visited on Facebook.

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