The Asphalt: Tonight

01 Jan 2010 cyberscanfilms In Music Video

The Asphalt: Tonight

For The Asphalt’s alternative rock music video single “Tonight”, Cyber-Scan Films brought production to the band’s southwestern stomping grounds of Arizona.

The music video involves two rival, modern day gangs mysteriously transported back in time to the old west, where they are united by fun, revelry, and danger.

While urban alleyways in Tucson served as backdrop for the band performance footage and gang fight, it was Old Tucson Studios—“Hollywood in the Desert” that truly brought the old west to life.

Created in 1939 for the movie Arizona, the location has since become a premier old west destination for Hollywood. Legendary western movies and major stars such as Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Kurt Russell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Russel Crowe have all walked the dusty streets and desert landscapes of Old Tucson and Old Mescal.

As the two modern day gangs were thrust into the old west through an old church, so too was Cyber-Scan’s crew, facing the dry heat of the Arizona desert and its rattling inhabitants while filming.

In Old Mescal, Cyber-Scan had to recreate and populate a late 19th century, American frontier town, as well as mount a lavish, saloon burlesque show. Production then moved to the desert wilderness of Joshua Tree in California for additional band performance footage.

The music video concludes with a shoot-out/brawl between the modern day gangs—now united, and an arriving trio of female outlaws.

Learning to Forget from the Asphalt, featuring Tonight, is now available on I-tunes. Purchase here. 

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