The Sanctuary Chronicles

05 Jan 2016 cyberscanfilms In Entertainment Franchise

The Sanctuary Chronicles

Cyber-Scan Films has begun development of an epic fantasy franchise based on Randolph Scott’s forthcoming series of novels The Sanctuary Chronicles.

The story centers on a mystery that could rewrite human history. When an archeologist discovers signs of a civilization predating man in ruins around the world the unimaginable is uncovered—a secret world linked to ours.

On heels of a terrifying accident, an expedition mounted to the lost world unearths a strange and deadly landscape gripped in centuries old, dynastic blood war.

With unlikely aid from a slave desperate to escape her own destiny, a chosen few find themselves at the center of a war between our modern world and a dimension of magical aristocracy. When the fate of all rests on the courage of a few there is only one option—win or die.

The Sanctuary Chronicles story is intended as multi-platform release across live action motion pictures, novels, graphic novels, anime, and video games. To date an international team has begun conceptual world building alongside ongoing story development.

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